1. Adnya Chakra

The word ‘Adnya’ means “that which instructs” . It is the center that gives instructions.

The center of the eyebrows. It is the point of confluence where three major nadis Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna merge into one stream of consciousness and flow up to Sahasrara.

At this level the ability to transcend polarity is born. Before this level polarity consciousness is the norm. At this center you rise above polarity and see life through larger lens that encompass all views. This is the unitive state of consciousness. This is the seat of the mind that has four differentiations in Vedanta ( manas, buddhi, ahamkara and chitta). Storehouse of all knowledge and wisdom. This is the center of extrasensory perceptions giving rise to many psychic powers.


  • This Chakra has 2 petals producing the sounds of Ham and Ksham. For activating the charkas the sounds are produced as Hang and Kshang.
  • The Bija sound is ‘Om’. Vehicle-Nada
  • Rudra granthi is situated here.
  • Presiding Deities – Paramasiva or Ardhanarishvara, (the half-male and half-female Shiva- Shakti symbolic of universal polarity) and Hakini.
  • Plane – Tapo Loka. Element- Mind; Planet -Saturn

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