What is panchakarma- Pradhan Karma

Five types of pradhan karma procedures are there.

Vaman Karma

Vaman Karma is nothing but induced emesis. In this vaman karma elimination of excessive kapha dosha (excess secretions of mucus in stomach) is done through oral route, with the help of kwath, milk, sugar cane juice etc.

Indications – Very helpful for various kaphaj vyadhis eg. chronic cough, chronic cold, Asthma, skin disorders, shitapitta (Urticaria), shotha, Amlapitta, Prameha, Chronic ENT disorders.


Virechana Karma

Virechana means scientific method of elimination of vitiated doshas through anal route. It is a method purgation. Detoxification is done by eliminating malas and pitta dosha mainly, through downward direction.

Indications – Virechana means purgation, so it is beneficial in pitta predominant disorders such as amlapitta, kamala, raktapitta, shitapitta, Hyperacidity, etc. It is useful in skin disorders, vomiting, diseases of reproductive systems, burning sensations, chronic fevers, liver disorders, G.I. tract diseases, Hypertension, digestive disorders etc.

Basti Karma

Basti is one of the main procedures of panchakarma chikitsa to pacify vaat dosha.Basti Karma means administration of medicated oils, kwaths, ghrits, milk through anorectal route. It acts on pakwashay.

Indications – Basti is useful in all sorts of vaat vyadhis degenerative disorders. It is very useful in chronic constipation, abdominal distension, piles, fissure, all types of musculoskeletal diseases osteoarthritis, cervical spondylosis, lumber spondylosis, degererative disc disease, prolapsed intervertebral disc disease, vertebral column degeneration etc. It is useful to treat obesity, chronic gynecological disorders, muscle wasting etc. It is a rasayan therapy which REJUVINATES body.


Nasya Karma

Nasya Karma means administration of medicated oils, ghrits, herbal churnas through nasal route. It is a scientific method of pancha karma given in charak samhita to treat/cure vital centre of body present in brain i.e. shirosthan. Nose is the gateway to shirosthan, brain centres. Nasya helps to clean the doshas, toxins accumulated in different parts of head i.e. Ear, Nose, Sinuses, throat, eyes, brain etc.

Indications – It is useful in all chronic diseses of ENT area, i.e. Kaphaj Vyadhis. It helps to treat chronic allergic cough, Rhinitis, chronic headache, migraine, ear disorders, epilepsy, insomnia, psychosomatic disorders, infertility, hair problems etc.

Rakta mokshana Karma

Rakta mokshana therapy is one of the pancha karma of Ayurveda. It means scientific bloodletting. Extraction of impure blood through intravenous route is called as rakta mokshana. For systemic bloodletting needles, IV canula are used. For local bloodletting Leech is used.

Indications – It is useful in skin disorders, headache.

Upakarmas-These are the sub types of panchakram. They are also useful in various chronic disorders.



Shirodhara is a relaxing technique in which medicated warm oil, milk, buttermilk is poured in a form of stream over forehead centrally. It is an ancient Ayurvedic healing practice performed in India over 5,000 years. It brings balance in physical and emotional state of body. Shirodhara is used in insomnia, intellectual stress, mental strain, headache, hair problems etc.


It is a scientific method of oil treatment. A continious stream of hot medicated oil is kept over affected, part of body. e.g. frozen shoulder, spinal disorders, Osteoarthritis of knee joints etc.



In all above basti a ring is made over desired area in which oil is poured and kept for half an hour.


Aagni Karma is a classical treatment for pain relief. Any painful part, painful point, painful joint, painful area can be relieved with agnikarma. A certain point is heated with shalaka. Gold, Silver, Panchdhatu Shalaka is used for Aagnikarma. Indications Calcaneal spur, frozen shoulder, Painful Knee joints, plantar areas Sciatica etc.