1. Svadhishthana Chakra:


    The word means, ‘The dwelling place of the Self’.
    This chakra is located at the root of the sex organ.
    This has control over the lower abdomen, kidneys and also the sexual and urinary organs. The two testes, vesicles, prostrate, penis the two ovaries, uterus, the vagina, clitoris and the mammary glands. The vyana vayu functions in pervasive activities, its area of action is the whole body. The circulation of blood and lymph and the electrical conduction through nerve fibres are done through vyana vayu whose source is svadhishthana. An imbalance in this chakra shows up in a desire to lose oneself in sex, drugs, alcohol, food or any stimulating sensations. Involvement with nature, art, dance and beauty are techniques for enriching this chakra.


  • The chakra has 6 petals orange in colour. They produce the sounds Bam, Bham, Mam, Yam, Ram, Lam. Pronounced for chakra activation as Bang, Bhang, Mang, Yang, Rang, and Lang.
  • The Bija sound is Vam or Vang. Vehicle is crocodile or ‘makara’. This is the vehicle of Varun the god of water. The crocodile depicts the sensuous nature of the second chakra person. The crocodile’s habits of hunting, floating, diving deep in the water and sexual power is the nature of the second chakra person.
  • Presiding Deities- Vishnu (Lord of preservation) and Rakini. He holds in His four hands a conch, sudershan chakra, a club and a lotus. The sudershan is the symbol of dharma. The Dharma chakra revolves in its own axis, cuts through obstacles destroys disharmony and imbalance. It also represents time. It represents the cycle of time. Whatever is not in conformity with the cosmic rhythm must come to an end. Rakini. She is two-headed. It represents the split energy of the second chakra. The man spends his time in maintaining a balance between the world without and the world within. He is restless and confused. Basic motivation is to enjoy the sense pleasures.
  • Plane- Bhuvara Loka ( Astral plane); Element – Water; Planet- Mercury
  • Sense organs – Tongue and Sex.
  • Yantra- A circle with crescent. The moon-shaped crescent is the yantra of this chakra. It is light blue in color.
  • Behaviour- Normally a person between ages 8 and 14 acts from this chakra motivation.


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